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Major Stephenson

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(no subject) [May. 17th, 2008|10:48 am]
Major Stephenson
Riverside:Give me Your Blessing

I want a Riverside man. I know it may not make sense, but give me a chance to explain. Riverside is a place where culture collides. The rich and the poor hold hands, gays and the straights eat sushi together, tattoo artists and pierced persons share their stories and hippies and indies collide. It is a place where I have grown up and have come to appreciate and join a culture that is truly diversed. I have also come to appreciate the everyday Riverside man. The Riverside man is yes hippie or indie, tattooed, pierced and overall down-to-earth. That's the kind of guy I can see myself with. I met this one particular gentleman, Stephen, tonight at Shanty's who resides in Riverside as well as being born in Riverside. Who was sweet, educated, handsome and everything I'm basically looking for. And because of him I have figured out the kind of relationship I am waiting for. The only thing is that I must prepare myself for a relationship. I do not believe I am ready yet. I have my own kinks to work out. All in good time will good things start to blossom. Patience is the key to my happiness.
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Saying Goodbye [Apr. 28th, 2008|09:18 pm]
Major Stephenson
I shall miss you completely like water misses the moon's shine. Yes, you are leaving to better yourself and to get back into school, but the thought of having one less true friend still softens the strongest of brick walls.

I'm laying on your floor now. The couch, my bed, is loaded onto the moving truck. This room still feels full because your presence is still here. Once you leave the city will feel empty. No one else to people watch with. Who else will understand Margaret Cho references? No one to make the "baaa" sound because no one gets it: an inside joke that even the both of us forget where it came from, but know what it means.

I wish you the best of luck in North Carolina. I know you will be fine and do great. I wish you the best of luck love. I'll miss you terribly.
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(no subject) [Apr. 3rd, 2008|12:36 am]
Major Stephenson
The sky was clear today...

My mind wrapped around school work, job work and self work I came home to relax and try to grab a couple of hours to sleep. Lost kept me up, Sarah called for sushi. I had already eaten a couple hours before hand, but I'm not one to pass up a chance for any kind of roll.

We non-wined and dined, caught a glimpse of a couple of kids wearing our old high school's uniform and decided to go for manis and pedis. I was going for a mani only, but the punk-rock-laidback Asian chick moved my wallet to get a pedi as well.

Freshly tailored in old tailored rags I was getting tired of the scene. Sarah did not have to be at work until six and it was just coming to three. She wanted to go over to Arlington side to do some stuff and waste time, but I was inno modd. I just wanted to come back home and relax in my own bed; incluing the fact that it was a scorching heat, I was in a black shirt and jeans and I was starting to feel sticky.

"Love you babe, but I'm going home. I'm going to get some sleep."
She went into a little dramatic mode of "You Suck," but got over it. "Alright, whatever. I'll see you later."

Changed my room around to get a different feel fromthings. I should really be in bed right now. I'm yawning with every letter that I press. Well, good night. Tomorrow is another day. Hopefully something good and exciting will happen.
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(no subject) [Mar. 31st, 2008|03:35 pm]
Major Stephenson
Head splitting declaration is causing me not to read and finish a book I started a while back. An advanced copy I had in my hands, but once again procrastination cut the red ribbon before me. Everyone else, I’m sure, has finished the book; I’m still lollygagging.

I’m not feeling quite myself today. I had a little mini vacation yesterday and did absolutely nothing productive except put on more weight. My pressure feels up and is the reason for my head splitting declaration. Maybe a walk around the neighborhood will do me some justice. Grab my tunes and my flops and just head out the door. Sounds quite lovely, actually. I could use some coffee as well.

Alright! Sounds like a plan. I will go for a small stroll and allow some fresh air into my lightly intoxicated lungs. Come back home, shower and prepare to leave an hour early for work. I’ll read the Times and have a cup of Joe to relax the nerves a bit. I should drink a cup of tea to flush out my feelings of discomfort.

I have some other things to accomplish as well. I’ll make a list, at work. Time to go.
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(no subject) [Mar. 29th, 2008|05:24 pm]
Major Stephenson
It is like a thousand crack monkeys accumulated over my body. This heat is a little unbearable. I feel as if my face is cooked. My body feels covered in dirt and little children have been touching me consistantly with their dirty, little hands (I am hating children).

I must take a bath and get this feeling of disgust off as quicky as possible.

Ew ew ew ew ew ew ew...It's how I feel.
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Writer's Block: Happy St. Patrick's Day! [Mar. 18th, 2008|03:06 am]
Major Stephenson
[Tags|, ]

How are you celebrating St. Patrick's Day?
I decided to go for a walk to get rid of my groggy feeling that I felt. It was mid-afternoon and I was still in bed watching the last couple of episodes of Lost. I felt fat from the previous night's chicken I ate and washed that down with a bowl of cereal this afternoon. I still feel fat.

I was just going to walk up to the gas station to get some tea, but I was too inspired from the music playing in my ears from my mp3 player and continued to walkfurther to my mother's office. She's in the office on Mondays, Wenesdays and Fridays. The day was Monday so I knew my trip would not be wasted.

I was crossing College street back onto the sidewalk when I noticed a handsome young sir in the truck next to me. My mind instantly thought how if I were more in shape how I would be able to just walk up to him an bum a ride and give this handsome gentleman and myself some below the belt and in the mouth satisfaction. More of a mental satisfaction than in the mouth satisfaction, for me, I would imagine. Knowing that a good looking guy is attracted to me and gets an erection would be the endorphines I prefer.

My sidewalk fantasty lead to believe what if he was infected with HIV. Anyone around me could be infected with HIV. How serious the thought of a deadly disease takes away the joy of this mid-afternoon walk. My sunny day has become more of a reality. I looked at the world without rose-tinted glasses for a brief moment and felt the true beauty and horrificness that reides hand in hand like a mother cradling her newborn child; like a mother crying from the sudden death of her newborn child.

Mother was eating pecans that she was suppose to give for Grandma, but her taste buds did not allow that to happen.
"Oh good. Do you want to go and take your sister for me?" She was speaking about Sylvan's Learning Center. My sister goes there afterschool on certain days for tutoring.
"Sure. Give m your keys."
"What?" she asked with a curious smile. "You low on gas?"
"No. I just walked up here."
Her co-workers jumped into the conversation. They were lightly stunned from my physical efforts of getting to the office.
"That's a long walk" Mama Joanne said.
"It's not that long of a wal" Moher replied back. "It' maybe only aboyt a mile."
I cut back into th conversation: "It's no big deal. I used to walk everywhere before."
I grabbed the keys and left.

Picking up kids from school is somewhat intimidating. There's a good number of eyes staring at you, judging you, making a person feel small. Well, in my case it makes me feel big, in waist size. I can here the whispers from the silent eyeballs: "My God. That is a big, black man. Fuckin' huge." I might be wrong and I might be right, but still picking kids up from school is intmidating. Especially when half the school believes that I am the father of my younger siblings no matter how many times my brother or two sisters say "my brother is here to pick m up." They always respond back with "That's your brother?"

"No you failed attempt at helping th Florida school system. I'm th bodygaurd stand-in for their brother to come and pick them up" is what I want to say, but I only nod and wave.

Morgan, the reason for this journey, was getting a cookie they were pasing out because of field day...or so I thought. Monet, the other sister, came up to me and started blabbering away about some stuff. I just rubbed her cheek in a playful manner and she went back to playing. She walked me over to where Morgan was standing.
"Hey baby girl. It's time to go" I told her.
"Okay" she said. "Let me get my stuff."
"Do I have o sign you out?" I usually got to the school at a later time to pick her up and the afterschoolcare lady would be there for me to sign Morgan out, but I came at an earlier time.
"I'm not sure." She walked over away to get her stuff.
"Hey Monet. Mom is going to come and get you later okay." She already knew th drill. I was providing a useles message she has heard me say times before. Much like a priest to his crowd of sinners who continue to perform the sin regardles to the priest's message.
Monet carelessly regarded my message and simply said "Okay."
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(no subject) [Feb. 28th, 2008|01:13 am]
Major Stephenson
It has just been one of those bipolar days.

I skipped class today because my bed won the battle of tempting me to stay snuggled in warmth against actually leaving said warmth and enter the realm of education. From my bed I watched But I'm a Cheerleader, but was forced to leave my comfort state by my grandmother to fetch some chinese food for us to eat. I came back home and watched some television and my older cousin Danielle stopped for a visit (and brought Grandma some popeyes.

But great things happened today:
House was sprayed for insects
Change my voicemail
Did siren's eye
Got money for gas
Slep a little bit

All is well in the house. I'm tired. Sleep time.
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(no subject) [Jan. 27th, 2008|12:45 pm]
Major Stephenson
I can't really write anything in its longevity this afternoon because I have to get ready for work. It is a nice eight hour today. When I get home I am going to knock out chapter 16 of my European history text book.

Everything is okay. I am cool. Came home yeserday, ate dinner, read a little bit and fell asleep to the OC.

Speaking of reading I have started the book The Kite unner. So far it is pretty good. I was unable to put it down until I started to get tired.

Well, time is ticking and Imust get dressed now.
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(no subject) [Jan. 23rd, 2008|11:02 pm]
Major Stephenson
I going to think about it more and if I still feel the same way at the end of the week I am going to go ahead and drop my Medieval Art class. I am really not enjoying it. The profesor is nice and all, but the class seems vague to me. At the same time I don't want to seem that I'm just quitting for no good reason, but this is actually just going towards some extra curriculars that I had to take. It's only the third week in school and I am not feeling comfortable really with it. But I just reviewed the policy for it and it seems useless to do withdraw so I guess I am going to bite the bullet and take one for the team. I hope I'm doing something right.

I want to go to sleep now, but some personal readings is necessary. I'm congested and overwhelmed with school (wanting to pass with a 3.0 or higher), funds (I don't have any money), car trouble (trouble=I don't have one) and myself (I'm just a mess). I would like to thank my parents for showing as little concern as possible. I should be an out-of-control teenager, but what for? The only person that would be damaged is myself.

It's late.
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(no subject) [Jan. 20th, 2008|01:20 pm]
Major Stephenson
He came in again last night at work. Kevin-the twenty-year old navy guy with a tattoo on his left forearm in remembrance to his best friend tha passed away when he was 17 who came in to Starbucks the first night wearing his uniform and caused a crush to form.

As you can see I have a very deep attraction to him. This is the third time that I have seen him at work and sure enough each time I blush like a little school girl. I did say that it has been awhile since i've had a crush and that I wanted one. I just didn't expect for it to happen so randomly.

ALready I'm going through the thoughts in my head to get over this crush. I'm finding having one is useless because I fall for the straight guys. They are really nice, but it's not going anywhere. They prefer to have relationships with girls and I don't want to be hung-up over something that would not even start or go anywhere.

He's a really sweet guy, mature, supports himself, knows what he is doing with his life, stable, cute, beautiful smile and can hold a nice quick conversation. And that's on top of the fact that he bought himself a new truck that is totally nice. I want one...of him!

Well, there is nothing wrong with having a crush. I'm not coming strongly off on him. I just ask a few questions here and there for the times he does come in, the everyday way of getting to know someone.

He is cute though...pretty smile. How I would love to kiss those lips and penetrate his mind.

My aunt's car was stolen this morning. It really sucks because she is has been way to caring for this to happen to her. It shouldn't happen at all. People can be true dicks and this is a perfect example of that.

Its is a sad thing because Veronica, the name of the car that was stolen (I named her that after my favorite show Veronica Mars), is a nice ride.

I hope they find the car back.

Well, as of now I am getting ready to travel down to Orlando to celebrate Melody's birthday. We're going out when the clock hits midnight. Of course I will be drunk before hand because Melody has reigned Joel as person to see that I am drunk by the time she is finished with the wedding (Her friend Amanda is getting married and it is one of those cliche weddings for the simple fact she had it at Disney World).

I have washed my face, semi-dewrinkled my shirt, washed my hair and almost prepared myself mentally. All will hopefully go well.
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