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Head splitting declaration is causing me not to read and finish a… - oshiete ai [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
Major Stephenson

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[Mar. 31st, 2008|03:35 pm]
Major Stephenson
Head splitting declaration is causing me not to read and finish a book I started a while back. An advanced copy I had in my hands, but once again procrastination cut the red ribbon before me. Everyone else, I’m sure, has finished the book; I’m still lollygagging.

I’m not feeling quite myself today. I had a little mini vacation yesterday and did absolutely nothing productive except put on more weight. My pressure feels up and is the reason for my head splitting declaration. Maybe a walk around the neighborhood will do me some justice. Grab my tunes and my flops and just head out the door. Sounds quite lovely, actually. I could use some coffee as well.

Alright! Sounds like a plan. I will go for a small stroll and allow some fresh air into my lightly intoxicated lungs. Come back home, shower and prepare to leave an hour early for work. I’ll read the Times and have a cup of Joe to relax the nerves a bit. I should drink a cup of tea to flush out my feelings of discomfort.

I have some other things to accomplish as well. I’ll make a list, at work. Time to go.