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Major Stephenson

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Saying Goodbye [Apr. 28th, 2008|09:18 pm]
Major Stephenson
I shall miss you completely like water misses the moon's shine. Yes, you are leaving to better yourself and to get back into school, but the thought of having one less true friend still softens the strongest of brick walls.

I'm laying on your floor now. The couch, my bed, is loaded onto the moving truck. This room still feels full because your presence is still here. Once you leave the city will feel empty. No one else to people watch with. Who else will understand Margaret Cho references? No one to make the "baaa" sound because no one gets it: an inside joke that even the both of us forget where it came from, but know what it means.

I wish you the best of luck in North Carolina. I know you will be fine and do great. I wish you the best of luck love. I'll miss you terribly.