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Major Stephenson
21 April 1988
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As of now I am an Osprey which only means I am a member of UNF's student body. Also I am a barista which means I work at Starbucks. At this point I am pretty sure you're thinking, "Why does he keep using "which" in his sentences instead of just saying it altoghtehr?" It's annoying isn't it which means you are probably disturbed. Okay. I swear that was my last one. I'm Major. I live in Jacksonville, Florida( In the Riverside area. Jacksonville is famous for it's subcitied clture.) For high school I attended Bishop Kenny. Yes, I am a catholic school boy. Please do not stereotype me. Especially because I went to a private school. The one thing that really bothers me is stereotypes. The world, in my opinion, has become too involved with labels. Everything isn't so black and white anymore. My generation is the most aware of that situation. Look at me. Sounds like I am trying to bring politics into my live journal. I'm cool. Not in the surfer's sense of cool, but I am doing okay for myself.